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We work with customers, universities, specialist partners, and our own Quicklab R&D to meet and exceed the demands of the aerospace industry.

These demands include more advanced components for new, lighter, more robust materials, for better combustion and airflow. More efficient engines and airframe structures are made from lighter composites. Landing gear is made from new, more robust, titanium alloys.

World Leaders in the Manufacture and supply of High-Performance Carbide Cutting Tools for the Aerospace Industry

Our Infinite Possibilities® for tooling meet and exceed the demands of your aerospace manufacturing and production requirements.

Aero Engine Components

Precision is paramount when it comes to machining engines for the aerospace industry.

Increased fuel economy necessitates the adoption of novel and complex materials to accept increasing fuel-burn temperatures in the hot sector of jet engines.


Weight is the primary motivator in the cold segment.


Customers want suppliers to reduce costs and make compromises, while production automation for complicated parts raises the requirement for simplified manufacturing procedures.

Add to that the reality that when experienced workers retire, and new talent leaves the manufacturing business, the resultant skills gap complicates hiring and raises the demand for automated, unattended production.

Landing Gear Components

High-alloy steels and titanium metals are widely used in landing gear because of their durability.

Materials such as titanium and aerospace-grade stainless steel are increasingly being used in the aircraft sector. These materials exert substantial pressure on the cutting tools since the quantities removed are typically significant. Procedures such as milling deep recesses in structures demand material removal of up to 5mm in a single pass.

Aero Structures

Specialised tools are required for drilling into carbon fibre-reinforced plastics, which are commonly used in the construction of airframe components.

Specialist aerospace expertise

The best of aerospace industry experience, academia research and Quickgrind technical know-how goes into every tooling strategy.
Quickgrind technical team

You can count on Quickgrind Ltd. to have the industry experience and expertise needed to create the most efficient, longest-lasting tooling solutions.

We do more than just sell cutters. Our goal is to become your tooling ally by assisting you in increasing your productivity. We do this by optimizing metal removal rates and durability by using the latest technology and tool for the application. Not just any job, but your achieved by applying the right technology and tool for the job. And not just any job, your job.

Our process often involves producing tools specific to your needs at costs similar to what you will be paying for standard tooling. We pride ourselves on offering virtually any tool in size, diameter, radius, or reach. This technique has been so effective that it has been dubbed ‘Infinite Possibilities,’ and it has now been expanded to encompass a variety of complementary services, such as remanufacture and inventory control, as part of our ‘Total Solution Engineering’ program.

Over fifty years of tooling excellence

Always at the cutting edge of innovation, we are setting new standards to deliver the optimum tooling for your project.
Quickgrind engineer inspecting milling tool

Operating in 37 countries we have an international reputation for solid carbide cutting tools for the aerospace, aircraft, automotive, defence, extrusion die, F1, medical, motorsport, mould and die, oil and gas, power generation, renewables, sub-contract and general engineering industries.

Visit our Technical Centre

Our state-of-the-art Technical Centre is a purpose-built space for you to discover all of these services and more.
Quickgrind Technical Centre

Contact us today to visit our Technical Centre and discuss your medical tooling needs.


Our ‘total solution engineering’ aerospace solution includes a range of services including CAM strategies, remanufacture and tool vending.


Contact us today to arrange a visit to our Technical Centre

Infinite Possibilities

Quickgrind infinite possibilities


Without the limitation of catalogues the possibilities are infinite


Don’t limit yourself to standard ranges. Instead, choose solution-based tooling, that gives you the right tool, for the right job, at the right price. With the marginal cost increase more than covered by improved production throughput and efficiency.

Ordering is as easy as one, two, three…

All our tools can be designed specifically for your application and are available in virtually any size, diameter, radius, neck relief, coating or reach. Many are available with chip-breaker, through-coolant and other options.





Talk to our team today and uncover a world of infinite possibilities


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