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Boyce Precision Engineering & Quickgrind. A partnership in innovation.

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A partnership between Boyce Precision Engineering and Quickgrind is leading to innovations in engineering and vending solutions that are benefiting customers and ensuring scalable and reliable manufacturing processes for precision-engineered components.

Boyce is a family-owned and operated business from Northern Ireland. It was founded in 2006 by brothers George and Brian Boyce, who have worked tirelessly to create a culture of tech innovation and investment in order to meet and exceed their client’s needs and expectations. The company has grown in leaps and bounds as they have evolved to serve multiple high-value sectors, including Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, and Pharmaceutical, by developing and manufacturing precision-machined components.

Fast forward to today, Boyce is making great strides in the engineering of medical equipment and by partnering with Quickgrind they are able to ensure reliable and consistent production output for their customer’s precision engineering requirements. Together the two companies have developed a proactive partnership that focuses on both engineering and vending solutions.

Due to the higher wear resistance of the Quickgrind QAlu standard tool, Boyce are able to machine to such precision that they can be confident that they can leave their machining processes functioning overnight and know that by morning they will see 20-30 finished parts manufactured in the machine without the need for reworking. This means that they are able to manufacture parts more efficiently and consistently confident in the commitments they can make to their own customers.

“ One of the key requirements we have is stability over a long period of time. So for example if we require tool life up to 300 minutes, I want to know that the size I get up to 299 minutes is the same as the first minute. And that is definitely something that we’re finding with Quickgrind.”

According to Boyce one of the standout aspects of the Quickgrind tools is that when it comes down to it they want the best tools for the most cost-effective prices. With Quickgrind, they know that they can push the tools right to the limits of their machine and know that it won’t break down. Or they can back it off and keep it safe for the automated machining processes. The main benefit is that they have ultimate flexibility, with increased tool life.

Innovation in Tooling and Vending

The QAlu is a high-performance 3-flute solid carbide end mill designed with 3 teeth to centre for balanced HSM. The QAlu-R is a high-performance aluminium cutter with flat-crested-style geometry for enhanced performance in roughing applications. The impact of implementing these tools has seen an increase in the stability and consistency of manufacturing output. These new tools in the Quickgrind standard tooling range and after completing multiple manufacturer tool trials are one of the main reasons that Boyce chose to partner with Quickgrind.

” I mean, if there was a better tool, I’d be using it”

Boyce thrives on innovation and in working with Boyce’s existing tool vending solution the two companies have been able to take a look at what is actually required for each client project instead of simply putting everything in at an excessive cost. Boyce’s engineering solutions are thought-out and customised to meet the specific needs of the project and Quickgind has in turn been able to be quite specific about what Boyce’s requirements are in their vending machines.

By combining the stable tool life of the QAlu range with partnership work on replenishment there has been a huge increase in both process stability and output. ensuring that Boyce processes are consistent, reliable and scalable.

For more information on Quickgind tooling solutions or to discuss your tool vending requirements get in touch today.

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