High Performance Solid Carbide Drills

Any drill for any job

Here at Quickgrind we know that choosing the right drill for the right job isn’t always easy. We understand the importance of selecting the tool to match your workpiece material and the specification required, and the effect this has on your bottom line.

We understand our client quality standards and manufacturing process and enable them by providing drills which achieve their required repeatable dimensional accuracy in difficult aerospace-grade stainless steels, amongst other materials. Quickgrind drills are also highly productive compared with off-the-shelf offerings from other suppliers, with tool life increasing by over 75%.

You may not realise that Quickgrind makes such a huge variety of high performance drill designs, but we have always produced drills for dedicated applications, just like we do for any other type of tool we make. That is what Infinite Possibilities® is all about.


All Drilling products


Small but perfectly formed.


Ultimate drills for tough materials


Performance cost-effective drilling


More throughput lower costs.


Process-reliable deep hole drilling


Accuracy up, and cycle times down.

Cougar TF

High feed accurate holes.


Highly productive hole-making

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