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50 years of Industry excellence

50 years of Industry excellence

Precise milling tools for all your industrial engineering needs

Our milling solutions enable highly efficient machining in a wide range of challenging situations and materials. From automotive to aerospace, medical to motorsport and more, our dedicated team will advise and support you in achieving your goals. We bring Infinite Possibilities to your industry challenges, unlimited by standard ranges – instead giving you the right tool for the right job at the right price.
Quickgrind Aerospace


Car factory assembly line showing a robotic arm installing a car door on a partially assembled car chassis.


Close-up of a red Formula One race car on a racetrack. The car has a red chassis, large black tires, and a front wing.

F1 Motorsport

Close-up of a metal knee joint replacement implant. The implant is shiny and has a complex mechanical design.


Close-up of a mold and die machine showing a complex metalwork interior with gears and hydraulic lines.

Mould & Die

A row of industrial pipes and valves connected together in a factory setting.

Oil & Gas

Close-up of a machine with a greasy, metallic helical bevel gear and a ball bearing. The gear has curved teeth and the bearing has a smooth, metal housing.


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