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Quickgrind’s Eliminator barrel tools are revolutionising finishing and semi-finishing strategies on a wide range of components, for motor racing and mould and die, aerospace to medical, turbine blades and blisks.

Eliminator is an exciting range of barrel tools that takes the segment of a circle to form the radius of the flute, enabling improved step down strategies when compared to ballnose endmills and reducing cycle times by up to 90%.

Available in conical, lens, tangential, form F and concave versions for a wide range of applications, geometries, number of flutes and dimensions to suit your individual applications. Eliminator significantly reduces finishing cycle times on deep pockets, shallow pockets with small radii, hard-to-reach faces, radial and tangential faces, gear cutting, and moulds which may normally require a ballnose.

Quickgrind Eliminator


Transforming finishing strategies.


High-Performance Solid Carbide Modular system. 

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