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Constructed with high-quality carbide grades and specific coatings for predictable and long-lasting tool life.

Superior grinding techniques provide high material removal rates and excellent chip evacuation. This broad range of Quickgrind solid carbide end mills covers all basic machining operations and materials.

The QCut, Q2Plus, Delta and QBall ranges are the performance tool for many general machine shop operations and applications. Designed for high productivity machining of steels, cast iron and in some instances free machining stainless steel.

The Alligator Duo, Duo Ballnose and Trio range our are uncoated high performance end mills designed for multiple applications in aluminium and other non-ferrous materials. Cutters with bite. Complimented by the TX-R coated QAlu, QAlu-R, QAlu-CR, all designed for high productivity machining of aluminium and other non-ferrous materials.

The QVari range is our high performance end mill range with variable helix and index design makes this tool suitable for both roughing and finishing where applicable with one tool. XRed coating makes it suitable for a wide range of materials including, Steels, St Steels, Titanium and Exotic Alloys.


High productivity machining of steels & cast iron


Excellent go to general machine shop and application tool


Long Series for improved access


3 Flute general design for machining stainless.

Alligator Duo

2 flute end mill for high productivity machining of aluminium and other…

Alligator Duo Ballnose

2 flute ball nose for high productivity machining of aluminium and other…

Alligator Trio

3 Flute end mill designed for high productivity machining of aluminium and…


Chamfer and more in all materials.


The QBall 4 flute universal carbide ball nose


Balanced 3 flute for high speed milling.


A coated 3 flute for excellent surface finishes


QVari is a high performance 4 flute carbide end mill with variable…


QVari-5 is a high-performance 5 flute variable end mill.


A high-performance 7 flute end mill especially suited for trochoidal milling


A high-performance 4 flute Long Reach carbide end mill with variable helix…


The choice for 6000/7000 series aluminium


High-Performance Solid Carbide Modular system. 

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