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Mirage results are no illusion

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Quickgrind carbide tooling and expertise halves cutting cycle times for titanium 6Al-4V


It may be named Mirage, but the 50% saving in cutting cycle times for titanium 6Al-4V achieved using this high-quality Quickgrind carbide tool is very real.

As customers dealing with a variety of challenging materials have discovered, solid improvements and leaner manufacturing processes are possible when Quickgrind’s tools are combined with the company’s tooling performance consultancy service.

Managing Director Ross Howell explains: “Our products are internationally renowned, but we do much more for our customers than sell them great tools. With our team’s technical knowledge, applications expertise and understanding of the very latest machining strategies, we can look at problems from every angle, identify or create the perfect tool for the job and advise on how to use it in the most profitable way.”

Titanium 6Al-4V is typically found in high-tech industries such as aerospace and Formula 1, where it has a reputation for being difficult to cut. Under intense competition from overseas, British manufacturers in these sectors are always looking for new efficiencies that will keep them ahead of the field, so the figures from Quickgrind will come as welcome news.

In tests, titanium 6Al-4V was machined using a Quickgrind 4 flute 12 mm diameter Mirage tool, at a cutting speed of 180 m/min and with a feed rate of 2,200 mm/min. The hardwearing tool maintained its performance through as much as 450 minutes of contact time. Mirage tools have also regularly proved their superiority on materials including Inconel, Hastelloy and ‘S’ specification, as well as high-grade stainless steels.

Ross continues, “Quickgrind offers a ‘total solution engineering’ approach combining acomprehensive tool range, specialist advice, the latest machining techniques andunique solutions for remanufacturing and tool management. To find out how we can give your business a unique cutting edge and make higher profits a reality, come and meet us at the Manufacturing UK 2015 event at Yamazaki Mazak in Worcester on 23rd April.”

For more information on Quickgrind and its total solution engineering visit www.quickgrind.com.

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