A real winner. This world beating 2 flute ballnose cutter is used to great effect in mould and die, general engineering and on components such as turbine blades.

Close-up image of a selection of six Gladiator cutters cutters with XRed coating.


Whether used with a 90° or 10-15° tilt approach Gladiator is a stable and accurate tool allowing for high speed cutting and machining. It is suitable for roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and super-finishing with profile, copy or contour milling. We encourage our clients to tell us what their issues, aims and future expectations are and through our Infinite Possibilities® programme we develop the optimised tools and cutting strategies for their production.


  • Flute lengths to suit your applications.
  • Neck relieved to overcome reach issues.
  • From stub length to long series or extra long.
  • Micro ballnose with taper neck for added strength.
  • Coating options to aid chip flow & resist wear.


  • Chamfer
  • Slotting
  • Side Finishing
  • Profile Milling
  • Ramping
  • Pocket Milling
  • Side Roughing
  • 3D Milling
  • Helical Milling


  • P
  • M
  • K
  • S
  • H


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