Lion GTC and GD

Versatility and cost-effectiveness. Our Lion GTC (through-coolant) and GD (solid) drills have our unique blend of micrograin carbide substrate and superior coatings, providing a recipe that guarantees high performance, cost-effective drilling in a wide range of materials.

Quickgrind’s high quality manufacturing processes ensure a high quality surface finish and excellent coating for optimal chip evacuation. High process temperatures are dissipated safely and effectively.

Lion drills can be designed with application-specific helix angle and flute geometries. The flute form geometry, designed especially for long-chipping steels, ensures optimal chip generation characteristics even at low cutting speeds.The GTC through-coolant version ensures perfect penetration and cutting characteristics when machining long-chipping steels. Cutting forces and temperatures are considerably reduced.


  • Application specific helix angle and flute geometries.
  • Point geometries and margin options.
  • Micro-grain solid carbide and a choice of coatings.
  • Through-coolant ensures perfect penetration and cutting characteristics.
  • DIN or other shank standards as required.
  • Available from 3xD to 10xD.



  • Drilling
  • Drilling with Chamfer


  • S
  • M
  • H
  • P
  • K
  • N


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