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Panther – Multi-diameter drills Panther - Multi-diameter drills

Accuracy up cycle times down. Our Panther multi-diameter drills are designed to create multiple bores in one pass whilst reducing cycle times and machining costs, all with highly accurate bore alignment.

Panther - Multi-diameter drills


These application-specific drills are designed to your requirements and are used for pre-drilling bores, ready for follow-on tools such as machine taps and reamers, for example prior to threading in hydraulic ports, whether two, three or more diameters.

Available in various diameters from 3.00mm to 20.00mm and with fl ute and overall combinations to suit your feature, such as top chamfer, front counter-bore, single or multiple steps, with a taper, shoulder or radius.




  • Force-resistive submicrograin carbide for strength and toughness.
  • Single or multiple steps with chamfer angles as required.
  • Optimised point geometries.
  • XRed coating.
  • DIN or other shank standards as required.


  • Drilling
  • Drilling with Chamfer
  • H
  • P
  • M
  • K
  • N
  • S


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Create the perfect tool for your job
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