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Three tools in one High Performance Solid Carbide Threadmills

Interpolating a bore, thread and chamfer with one tool gives good cost savings and cycle time reduction. Introducing the Pathfinder threadmill.


Using three tools to produce the chamfer, the correct pre-threaded bore followed by a tap or threadmill can be replaced with one of our highly efficient drill-chamfer threadmills. Having this one tool to do the work of three frees up tool station space and counters any possible alignment issues.

Pathfinder’s can achieve thread depths of 2xD and 3xD. Through-coolant and coated tools, which are recommended for 3xD in cast iron and aluminium applications, are available on a short delivery, as are long reach versions.

Tools are designed to suit your application and will be provided with the appropriate chamfer angle as required.


Pathfinder’s can be used for machining pre-cast threads or pre-drilled holes and again these will have the appropriate coating as required.

This tool is also suitable for internal threads in blind or through holes.

Thread systems include ISO Metric, American UN, BSP, NPT and BSPT.

Please note Quickgrind drill-chamfer-threadmills can have 1, 2, 3 or more full profile threads.

  • Helical Milling


  • M
  • K
  • N
  • S
  • H
  • P


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