Ultimate high performance Extremely efficient, tried and tested performance taper end mills.


Quickgrind is the UK’s largest producer of taper tooling. Experience the ultimate in high performance tooling with these extremely efficient, tried and tested taper end mills.

Typhoon taper tools are one of our biggest selling ranges and are supplied to our clients throughout the world. Their main use is the machining of flat tapered walls where they produce better and more consistent finishes, without the witness marks caused when using multiple passes with other end mills. Aerospace components such as turbine blades are also an area which benefits from our taper flute end mills.

Typhoon taper tools are divided into two categories – ballnose and square end.

There is virtually no limit to what size and taper we can produce. In general tip diameters range from 1.00mm to 12.00mm in square end or ballnose and are available with 2, 3, 4 or more flutes. Typhoon’s can also be specified with chip breakers.


  • Force resistive micrograin carbide.
  • Superior coatings to aid chip flow and give high wear resistance. Coatings such as MX for steels, XRed for HRSA, TX and TX-R for aluminium.
  • Enhanced end and radii geometry.
  • Strengthened core.
  • Square-end and ball-nose versions.
  • Tapers from 0.5° to 45°.
  • Available with plain and weldon shanks.
  • Geometry ensures high stability during machining with enhanced chip flow.
  • Higher speeds and feeds possible with increased productivity and high metal removal rates.
  • Suitable for regrinding and remanufacturing up to 9 times with our QuickEdge solution.
  • Overall length, flute length, neck length/diameter, and corner radii to your specification.
  • Developed to suppress vibration and harmonics with reduced machining forces and to give increased tool life.


  • Side Finishing
  • Profile Milling
  • S
  • H
  • P
  • M
  • K
  • N


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