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Undercutting with ease High Performance Solid Carbide Undercuts


Undercut tools (sometimes called recess tools or clip cutters) are designed to produce features that are below an overhang feature.

The tool’s end diameter and thickness, shank recess diameter and length, plus the shank diameter and overall length, can be produced to overcome the difficulties inherent when machining undercuts.

We design the number of flutes, flute geometry and coating, if required, to provide you with the optimised tool to enable you to achieve the most cost-effective components. The limitations are down to the physical requirements and machinability of the feature.


  • Force-resistive submicrograin carbide for strength and toughness.
  • 2 to 8 flutes and coating options available.
  • Uncoated and coated avaialable.
  • Huge options of neck reach and diameter.
  • DIN or other shank standards as required.


  • Slotting.
  • P
  • M
  • K
  • N
  • S
  • H


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