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Quickgrind Barrels Into Frazer Nash with Conical Barrel Tools

Andy Brooker of Frazer-Nash Manufacturing says: “We’ve been working with Quickgrind for over 4 years now and it all started when they came to visit us, gave us some ideas and we sat and listened to what they had to say. Quickgrind offers an impressive service. They have reduced our tool inventory by at least 50%. We now have tools through the vending system that are available at any time – and these are not standard tools, these are bespoke specials that are available immediately.” “Quickgrind tools are dedicated to what we do and how we use them.


The other advantage of Quickgrind is that they have a custom side to the business – we’ve needed tools ASAP and Quickgrind have turned them around in a day and a half. So, I couldn’t think of a better company to work with,” continues Mr Brooker. Discussing the relationship with Frazer Nash, Quickgrind’s Mike Stobart says: “Frazer Nash is a company that is always looking forward and interested in new technology and strategies. We help them out with any processes that need optimising.” As an example of this, there are a number of stainless steel components that were introduced to the Quickgrind Mirage range of end mills with considerable success. “Now that Frazer Nash have gone into OPEN MIND CAM software, we have also introduced our barrel tools and the renowned Spectre 3-flute and Phantom 4-flute tools.


There are also a number of our aluminium tools in here too, so quite a diverse mix of cutting tools.” Asked why Frazer Nash has chosen Quickgrind as its preferred tooling supplier, Mike continues: “I think the relationship is successful because Frazer Nash is willing to work with us. We like to think of clients as partners, so they come to us for optimisation of tool paths as well as cutting tools and we look to become part of their production process. Whereas a lot of companies are frightened of change, Frazer Nash is really interested in looking forward and taking the company forward. The application of our QuickCAM Pro has been very important with the implementation of barrel tools here.”

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