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Quickgrind Partnerships Press Release

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Better together

Quickgrind demonstrates the productivity benefits of a partnership approach

If proof were needed that co-operation in manufacturing produces better results, it has been amply provided byQuickgrind, TTL and VoluMill. Together the partners have been able to cut milling cycle times by over 75% while retaining tool integrity and performance.

Quickgrind carbide tools cut notoriously difficult materials (white background)

While Quickgrind is internationally renowned for its high-quality carbide cutting tools, TTL for its leadership in CNC machining technology and VoluMill for its ultra-high-performance toolpath technology, working in partnership has boosted the effect of their individual contributions.

Quickgrind sees partnerships of this kind as another outcome of its ‘total solution engineering’ approach, as Managing Director Ross Howellexplains: “To improve the profitability of a customer’s business we do much more than provide the right tools. We look at the whole picture from the customer’s point of view and come up with a total solution to meet the challenges we see. Often thatsolution involves teaming up with other companies and their complementary technologies.”

He adds, “One of the challenges we overcame jointly with TTL and VoluMill was to deal effectively with 316 stainless steel, which is notoriously difficult to cut. We expect our combined solution to be particularly useful in industries like aerospace, automotive and Formula 1, as well as in pharmaceuticals, oil and gas.”

The test involved milling at a spindle speed of 4,775 rpm and surface speed of 180 m/min, with a 30 mm depth of cut and a feed rate of 4870 mm/min. The traditional cycle time was cut from 17 min 35 sec to 4 min 8 sec. At the end of five cycles the Quickgrind 12 mm diameter cutting tool was still performance ready.

Also of note was the fact that all of this was achieved using an 18-year-old Bridgeport machine, which just goes to show that major productivity improvements are possible even on older platforms.

Reflecting on the test results, Ross Howell says, “We see every new success as building on our proud British engineering heritage. In TTL and VoluMill we have found co-operativepartners who share our passion for innovation.”

Robert Pope, Managing Director at TTL, adds, “It’s true to say that two heads are better than one, especially when each brings different but relevant expertise to the table. We are all looking for leaner manufacturing and we can achieve it much more quickly when quality partners are brought together.”

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