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News > Quickgrind’s ‘trial’ offer puts tool remanufacturing to the test

Quickgrind’s ‘trial’ offer puts tool remanufacturing to the test

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When a manufacturer of carbide cutting tools claims it can halve tooling costs by remanufacturing them to ‘as new’ condition, up to seven times, customers can be forgiven for being a little sceptical. This is why Quickgrind has just launched its special ‘trial’ offer to ensure manufacturers can experience the performance benefits of remanufacturing first hand.

Managing Director Ross Howell explains: “The trial has been designed to make it easy for busy manufacturers to experience the difference remanufacturing makes – after all ‘seeing is believing’.

We take up to ten tools, whatever the brand, and remanufacture them for a total price of just £25.

We want customers to see for themselves how our unique QuickEdge remanufacturing process offers something completely different from traditional ‘regrinding’. They will discover that the remanufactured tools perform as well as new tools – and in some cases even better.”

“We understand that some companies may feel the improvements we claim are too good to be true, so we’re making it easy to put us to the test. We have a strong reputation internationally for increasing customers’ productivity and maximising their profitability, but in the UK it has proved harder to persuade people there’s a better approach to tooling. Those who take up our offer will see for themselves how Quickgrind’s innovations will give their business a unique cutting edge.”

QuickEdge is just part of Quickgrind’s innovative tooling philosophy ‘total solution engineering’ developed here in the UK. This includes a tooling performance consultancy service and a tool management system which ensures customers have the perfect tool for each job, uncomplicated tool libraries and a cost-cutting tool management system.

The special offer applies to as many as ten identical 6 to 16 mm tools.

For further information call

Quickgrind on 01684 294090 or email [email protected].

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