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QuickVend tool supply cuts costs, hassle and downtime

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Imagine how much more profit your business would make if you could guarantee the cutting tools you needed were always close to hand – and if you didn’t have to waste time and money on maintaining excess stocks. Internationally renowned carbide tooling manufacturer Quickgrindis embarking on a UK-wide campaign to show British manufacturers how they can turn these savings into a reality using its award-winning QuickVend system.

QuickVend is one of Quickgrind’s latest contributions to helping its customers achieve their lean manufacturing goals. A secure, convenient, point-of-use vending solution,it avoids costly downtime by ensuring that the right tool is always available. At the same time,QuickVendfrees up cash that the customer would normally have tied up in tool stocks.

Authorised users get tools from the QuickVend dispenser using individual Smart Cards – similar to using a cashpoint. The intelligent system records how many tools of each kind are taken, and by whom.It can also allocate tools to ‘cost centres’ such as route cards, work orders and manufacturing cells, and provide detailed usage reports to simplify the management of tool consumption. Businesses only pay for the tools they use and the system automatically analyses rate of use and keeps the dispenser stocked accordingly.

As one of Quickgrind’s customers, Dan Govier, Tool Room Manager at Pattern Forme Limited, confirms:“With QuickVend there are no more time-consuming visits to a manned store, no more hidden ‘squirrel stocks’in staff lockers and tool boxes, no more frustrating searches and audits, and no more wastefulcollections of unused tools.”

He adds: “What’s more, the tools are vended at the same competitive price that you would normally pay when ordering from Quickgrind.”

Quickgrind Managing Director Ross Howell concludes: “QuickVend is a result of our ‘total solution engineering’ approach, in which we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and work out ways to make their lives easier and drive their businesses forward.

“Why incentivise customers to buy in bulk and end up with stocks of tools that they may not need? Instead, we have combined our technological expertise, administrative efficiency and creativity to design a solution for our customers which removes the headache of forecasting and stock management.

“Our products and services reflect the very best in British engineering, quality and innovation, and we see QuickVend as yet another advance that builds on this heritage.”

The system, which can also be used for controlled use of consumables and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), recently won in the SME Innovation category of the Sellafield Ltd Supplier Awards.

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