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Put us to the test with a trial offer

Try Quickedge remanufacture of a batch of 10 identical tools (6-16mm) for a trial offer price of £25.

To receive your 10 ‘as new’ tools, simply complete the form below.(1)

  1. The special offer is open to new remanufacturing customers only.
  2. The special offer price is for up to 10 identical tools (6-16mm) at a cost of £25, Shipping and VAT at rate prevailing at date of invoice.
  3. Quickgrind will reduce the flute length and/or cutting diameter as needed to remove damaged areas, unless specified otherwise. Restricting the minimum acceptable diameter and/or flute length may result in less than 100% removal of damaged areas.
  4. If not sure of coating required, tick Quickgrind discretion.
  5. Product characteristics not specified by the customer will be manufactured to standard Quickgrind specification for similar products.