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CAM Design support for the machining of complex parts in difficult materials Best practice to achieve optimised results

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Reducing cycle times and increasing profits with the latest application strategies

QuickCam is the advanced CAM design service from Quickgrind designed to support you with the machining of complex parts in difficult materials. It’s the answer for components that take too long to manufacture. Or if you are struggling to find the time and resources to investigate advanced machining and cutting tool strategies. Strategies that could easily double your output.


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Why choose QuickCam?


We know what it’s like. You’re up against a tight production schedule, you’re running a standard solid carbide tool in a generic tool holder and the tool path you’ve programmed isn’t quite cutting it.

Most operators can generate a CAM file that represents a tool path but they won’t always take account of a particular machine’s behaviour or the unknown variables of workholding and other factors. If all variables are not optimised – cutting tool, machine, tool holder, material, workholder and component – the best case scenario is poor performance and an inferior part. Much worse, operators run the risk of seriously damaging the machine tool itself. A digitised tool path offers limited value without the simulations and verification to back it up, particularly if the operator is unable to interpret the data and they go ahead with the incorrect strategy regardless.

Implementing QuickCam in your business will give you reduced cycle times, leading to reduced tooling costs, increased output and improved capacity. The bottom line? Improved throughput, more satisfied customers and increased profitability.

How QuickCam works

QuickCam offers performance enhancing strategies to best suit your parts and machines.
Quickgrind carbide tooling CAM simulation of a barrel tool machining a gear on a computer screen

A virtual meeting with one of our engineers will allow us to discuss your requirements as well as gather information on your machines, tooling and any existing strategies.


Once you have decided to use the QuickCam service we will ask you to set-up an account with us as well as to sign an electronically generated NDA – this is to protect your IP rights when sending us your confidential model data.

We will need a copy of the 3D model you intend to use including any supporting documents. If required, fixture design can also be included.

Toolpath optimisation

Quickgrind offers the very latest cutting-edge carbide tools.
CAM simulation of a toolpath strategy on a blisk

By using QuickCam in conjunction with machining cycles from hyperMILL®, our in-house CAM software, and CGTech VERICUT’s tool path verification programmes, you know that your strategies are always going to be up-to-date.

Our state-of-the-art Technical Centre is the ideal environment in which to discover the latest machining methods. Using our Mazak 5-axis and Quaser 3-axis machining centres or virtual CAM simulation, our engineers can offer guidance and support to programmers while implementing new strategies.

NC code can be supplied under certain circumstances – please ask us for more details.

Get your CAM strategy on track

Our QuickCam experts will evaluate a number of factors to achieve optimised results
CAM simulation of an Orbis lollipop cutter machining a manifold

Production programming can eliminate up to 80% of manufacturing waste, considers the machine you are using, its post-processing verification procedure and the correct codes to address the equipment and machine the component. Our QuickCam CAM experts will evaluate all of these factors in order to achieve optimised results including increased productivity, reduced cycle times (with tool paths optimised by up to 50%), improved verification and simulation procedures, and higher quality products.

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Total engineering solutions

Quickgrind has built an excellent reputation for providing the very best in high-performance solid carbide tools.
Close-up of Quickgrind’s divisional operation logos – QuickCam, QuickLab, QuickVend, QuickEdge and Quest

Our ’total engineering solutions’ and Infinite Possibilities® approach helps you to produce the highest quality parts in the most efficient way possible. We never assume, we always recognise the unique tooling needs and job requirements of every customer, and we continually strive to use our application and production programming expertise to help you achieve the optimum results.

  • Save time.  QuickCam’s services are all in-house, so need for you to programme, then source standard tooling, then secure machine time, we do the whole package
  • No more outsourcing. Tools are designed in-house in tandem with our QuickLab team
  • No more guesswork. Our state-of-the-art technology design centre gives you access to our application engineers, tooling designers and 3- and 5-axis machining centres, all under one roof

Tooling packages

Quickgrind has built an excellent reputation for providing the very best in high-performance solid carbide tools.
Close-up of three Quickgrind Spectre 3 flute solid carbide high feed end mills with XRed TiSiN coating

If you are already pushing your machine to its maximum capacity, why not let Quickgrind supply you with a suite of tools to see if your tooling costs can also be reduced? Invite us into your machine shop and allow us to demonstrate how we could improve your current processes and tooling requirements.

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Improving your machining performance

Our state-of-the-art Technical Centre offers a comfortable and technologically advanced environment to discuss all of your cutting tool requirements, challenges and ambitions.
Image Quickgrind engineers with client discussing CAM strategies in Technical Centre, with Mazak VariAxis 5-axis machining centre

Our experts will work with you to conduct trials whilst generating and running tool paths and machining strategies. Our investment in the centre enables us to demonstrate what is possible with our ground-breaking tooling and tool management solutions.

The centre is fully equipped with a seminar theatre and training room, meeting rooms and machining centres. Visitors can take a guided tour of our production facility, undergo technical training and discuss their specific requirements.

Infinite Possibilities

Quickgrind infinite possibilities


Without the limitation of catalogues the possibilities are infinite


Don’t limit yourself to standard ranges. Instead, choose solution-based tooling, that gives you the right tool, for the right job, at the right price. With the marginal cost increase more than covered by improved production throughput and efficiency.

Ordering is as easy as one, two, three…

All our tools can be designed specifically for your application and are available in virtually any size, diameter, radius, neck relief, coating or reach. Many are available with chip-breaker, through-coolant and other options.





Talk to our team today and uncover a world of infinite possibilities


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