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Remanufacturing – your competitive edge

QuickGrind QuickEdge remanufacturing

Many of our cutters are suitable for remanufacturing.

Quickgrind’s QuickEdge service is far superior to standard regrinding. With QuickEdge there is no compromise on quality because solid carbide tools are restored to an as new state. Only we have access to our original Quickgrind programs, meaning our remanufactured tools are just that – like they’ve been manufactured for the first time, to the same standard, the same tolerances, every time, without compromise. Following our techniques we have seen tools in use for over a decade. Many have been through over 9x remanufacturing cycles with no loss of performance.


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Smart Remanufacturing Processes


With whole-life performance figures like these it becomes easier to justify the initial investment in these high-end tools. Typically, whilst high performance cutting tools can provide increased efficiency and productivity they can also be expensive. Properly remanufactured carbide tools will greatly enhance the value of your tooling investment, so we will work with you to develop a successful reconditioning program to reduce your tooling costs by extending tool life as long as possible. Quickgrind’s programs identify the tools that will be benefit from remanufacture and those that won’t, taking the decision-making process away from individual operators and minimising the risk of human error – when pre-defined wear parameters are reached the tool is returned for remanufacture and arrives back to you in original condition. No more having a slightly undersized tool causing a catastrophic issue. No more excessive downtime. No more reduced machining efficiency.



  • Tools are controlled by size, number of reissues and remanufactures
  • Our tailored remanufacturing schedule ensures an extremely attractive price and performance over the life of the tool
  • Remanufacture reduces the need for virgin raw material, a limited resource – a sustainable manufacturing model and an important element of a business’s commitment to recycle, renew and reduce its carbon footprint

Don’t compromise on quality

It has always been our policy to produce tools of such high quality that they can be used more than once.
Quickgrind Quickedge remanufacture

Even after many remanufactures you will continue to enjoy ‘new tool performance’, and a reduced carbon footprint.


We happily accept solid carbide cutting tools made by other manufacturers and apply the same expertise to remanufacturing them.

  • Tools controlled by size, number of reissues and remanufactures
  • Extremely attractive price and performance over the life of the tool
  • Reduces the need for virgin raw material, a limited resource

Fast turnaround time for remanufacturing

Quickgrind’s remanufacturing process can reduce this lead time by a third, so instead of discarding a worn special, why not have it remanufactured?

If the tool you need is a non-standard or ‘special’ it can take up to three weeks from order to delivery. The majority of our 400 standard tools can also be remanufactured. These tools are available ex-stock reducing your overall lead times even further.


Quickgrind will even consolidate your remanufacturing requirements across third party solid carbide tooling and our own tools. Send all of your worn tools to us for even greater levels of efficiency, time and cost saving.


Very often, with our programs and calibration processes, we can improve the original specification of third party tools, increased their performance and extending their tool life. And because Quickgrind is a fully integrated business, with R&D, design and manufacture all taking place under one roof, you can achieve even greater efficiencies and reduction of downtime. This joined-up approach also means we can make proactive improvements to your tooling.


We see lots of tools day in day out and have built up a specialised knowledge on wear and tear. Leveraging detailed metrology inspections and 3D surface analysis we can see in-depth where tools may be deteriorating faster than should be, failing, or ultimately whether an improved design could overcome any design limitations.

International Shipping

Our Government AEO accreditations mean we can rapidly expedite shipments both into and out of the UK, therefore reducing the overall lead time.

QuickEdge remanufacturing is just one example of Quickgrind’s end-to-end processes, whether it’s CAM strategies from QuickCam, tooling design from QuickLab or tool storage and management from QuickVend, our suite of in-house services is designed to give customers the complete solid carbide tooling solution. That’s fifty years of expertise, knowledge and investment all at our fingertips and available to you today.

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Infinite Possibilities

Quickgrind infinite possibilities


Without the limitation of catalogues the possibilities are infinite


Don’t limit yourself to standard ranges. Instead, choose solution-based tooling, that gives you the right tool, for the right job, at the right price. With the marginal cost increase more than covered by improved production throughput and efficiency.

Ordering is as easy as one, two, three…

All our tools can be designed specifically for your application and are available in virtually any size, diameter, radius, neck relief, coating or reach. Many are available with chip-breaker, through-coolant and other options.





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