Are you ready to reevaluate your approach to tooling expenses so your company can reap the financial benefits? Utilizing Quickgrind will increase output, throughput, and revenue.

Subcontractors can provide critical skillsets to fill in gaps in manufacturing capabilities for the UK. But their specialised knowledge requires specialised tooling solutions.

Imagine you had the best tool possible, where the gains in output and efficiency more than offset the slight increase in total cost. You can do this using Quickgrind. Welcoming you to Infinite Possibilities® Here at Quickgrind, we don’t restrict you to the tools we want to sell you or the ranges we’re comfortable working in. Our focus is instead on providing you with solution-based tools so that you always have the correct tool for the task and can do so without breaking the bank.

All our tools and ranges may be customised to meet your needs in size, diameter, radius, neck relief, coating, and reach. The chip-breaker, through-coolant, and other features are available on many of them. Put an end to settling for subpar equipment. Get in touch with us now to discuss your projects, goals, and needs, and learn more about the infinite possibilities of Quickgrind.

Bespoke features are available in every tool type we do, for example:

  • Form tools
  • Port tools
  • Taper tools
  • Barrel tools
  • End mills
  • Slot drills
  • Taper end mills
  • High feed tools
  • T-slots
  • Woodruffs

Here to support your needs

Our aim: To be a supportive, stable, and financially strong supply chain partner that is dedicated to continuous improvement, working with like-minded clients who value and require:


  • Personalised and responsive service with rapid turnaround capabilities
  • Affordable and mission-capable quality products that are environmentally friendly and progressive
  • Constant innovation as the “norm” and made available as soon as demanded

We aim to be your trusted partner in innovation and stability, completely aligned with your requirements.

Machining Aluminium with High-Performance End Mills

Specialised Subcontract industry knowledge

Quickgrind Ltd. has the industry knowledge and skills to provide the most efficient, long-lasting tooling solutions.
Quickgrind technical team

We provide more than simply cutters. By aiding you in enhancing your productivity, we want to become your tooling ally. We do this by maximising metal removal rates and durability using cutting-edge technology and tools for the application. Your work can be accomplished using the appropriate technology and equipment. Not just any job, but your job.

Our technique often entails developing tools tailored to your requirements at prices comparable to what you would spend for conventional equipment. We take pleasure in being able to provide practically any tool in terms of size, diameter, radius, or reach. This approach has been named “Infinite Possibilities,” and it has now been extended to include a range of supplementary services, such as remanufacture and inventory management, as part of our “Total Solution Engineering” programme.

Tooling excellence for over fifty years

To deliver the finest tools for your project, we are always pushing the frontiers of tooling innovation.
Quickgrind engineer inspecting milling tool

We have a worldwide reputation for experience and competence in the design and production of carbide cutting tools, with operations in 37 countries. We can design custom tools for your sector and project.

Visit our Technical Support Centre

Our cutting-edge Technical Centre is a purpose-built place where you can learn about all of our services and more.
Quickgrind Technical Centre

Contact us to arrange a visit to our Technical Centre to learn more about what we can do for your company. Our innovative engineering services include CAM technology, remanufacture, and vending.


Contact us today to arrange a visit to our Technical Centre

Infinite Possibilities

Quickgrind infinite possibilities


Without the limitation of catalogues the possibilities are infinite


Don’t limit yourself to standard ranges. Instead, choose solution-based tooling, that gives you the right tool, for the right job, at the right price. With the marginal cost increase more than covered by improved production throughput and efficiency.

Ordering is as easy as one, two, three…

All our tools can be designed specifically for your application and are available in virtually any size, diameter, radius, neck relief, coating or reach. Many are available with chip-breaker, through-coolant and other options.





Talk to our team today and uncover a world of infinite possibilities


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